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US Patent # 6364614 B1 covers over 30 applications (educational, toys, windmills, helicopter propellers, jet turbines, cooling fans, grinders, garden hangers, etc.)

Mamikon Spinner (Sculpture for Caltech)

The Spinner (triple twisted strip), nested on a pyramid, hangs on a spring on a string from a tall curved poll, a spire. It constantly spins due to always existing air convection, accumulating energy as an angular pendulum, like in special clocks. About 10 -15 ft in diameter, it hangs ~10 ft high.

Shiny - to match the facade of Broad building, the Spinner reflects sunrays and other lights, shedding around flashy and lightning wavy patterns. Sparkles on seilings of labs, dark corners and bushes; and can be seen miles away.

The system is self-stabilazing. Sideway winds do not affect it, only the vertical component causes sudden slight sinks. Swings are damped, strong twists are slowed down by generating own electricity, lighting from the top lamp and/or the pyramid.

Can be made colorful, holographic, with patterns, say, color strips, etc... A possible pool under it with fountains may enhance both its look and the spinning action.

Can be hung anywhere, for instance, from the Millikan building, but fits nicely to the Broad's complex - near the buffet at the end of the alley, seen over the trees.

Matches the other sculptures (Archimedes' Snub Cube, Millikan Library' Mobilo).

Symbolizes all kinds of scientific concepts of Caltech's interests:

It is Environmental: Cosmic Recycler (like 3-D recycling logo), harmless, safe

Educational - There exists an entire package of educational activities based on this spinner

Biological - the spinning Double-Helix creates an increadible Illusion: its two mirror-imaged

spirals pass through each other in opposite directions (one up, the other one down).

Historical - spirals 'back' with a new twist, evolutionary-revolutionary, Egyptian pyramids,

Philosophical - simple and complex, unified and paradoxical, smooth but full of contrasts,

Astrophysical - like UFO, flying saucer, Jet-propulsive, anti-turbulent, telescopic, radio-locator

Physical - airodynamic, gravitational and anti-gravitational (waves), rotational momentum, etc...

Mathematical - with all the 'crazy' topological properties of the famous Mobius strip

(one-sided, one-edged) this is better for it is symmetric, stable and spinnable.

Geometric - pyramidal, triangular, hexagonal; can be also cubic, spherical, conical, cylindrical.

Playful and Sporty - like a toy , frizbee, it's breezy, Spingee.

Healthy - Relaxing, refreshing, energizing, sensitive, live.

Melodic chimes can hang from it. The pyramid can ring as a bell in tact of the dancing lights.


Heuristic, constructive, thoughtful. Prompts creativity, fantasies, R&D.


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