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4 Suggestions to Prepare Toddlers for Preschool

The time will come for your toddler to venture into things or places beyond the comfort of home and your loving arms. At the age of two, most toddlers should not view learning as a chore. Also, you don’t want your toddler to feel like all activities in preschool are lessons. Every parent hopes that their kids will positively perceive preschool and adjust well.

Well, change is never easy for adults, and it can even get worse for toddlers. It comes with several adjustments that can be overwhelming to your little one. However, your kid’s transition to preschool becomes more comfortable when you and the kid are prepared than when you don’t have an idea of how to go about it. These ideas should make the adjustment smooth and help you prepare your kid to follow instructions, get along with other kids, and listen:

Spark excitement

Educational psychologists recommend parents to introduce the idea of preschool in an exciting way because kids love fun and exciting things. For instance, you can take your toddler on a trip to tour his or her new school in Phoenix. Also, you can probably let the kid meet her new teacher, though in a peaceful surrounding so that he or she perceives the school as an exciting thing. Additionally, parents can read their toddlers stories about preschools during bedtime or make it a bedtime routine a few weeks or a month before joining preschool. It is a perfect way to prepare the mind of the little one for preschool.

Build listening skills

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One of the best ways to prepare your kid for preschool is helping them learn how to listen and follow instructions or directions. The skills will not help the kid only in preschool but also throughout his or her education. You can find an array of fun and age-appropriate ways to encourage and build listening skills in your kid. For instance, you can play listening games or let your toddler help you in the kitchen as you give him or her simple directions.

Share attention

The other excellent way to help your kid prepare for preschool is teaching him or her to share attention. The kid can share attention with his or her siblings, other adults, or cousins within the house. You should not encourage your toddler to demand your attention immediately when you are working on other things. Besides, the kid is soon going to be in preschool with several other kids. It will be paramount to learn to wait for their turn.

Encourage independence

Most parents are often mindful of how much separation a toddler can handle in preschool. However, you shouldn’t undermine the self-reliance development for your child and the ability of the kid to survive without you. You can encourage independence by allowing the child to handle things without jumping in to help so that he or she manages tasks without your help to boost confidence.

You need to take your kid to preschool as soon as he or she is ready. While the adjustment process can be challenging for the kid, these suggestions should make it easier than before. Still, you should take your child through these suggestions step by step.

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