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4 Ways Your Child Can Benefit from Daycare

Children are rays of sunshine and a continuous source of joy, but the task of raising them can also prove quite daunting. Especially in today’s busy setting, balancing work while caring for our children is a challenge.

This is where daycare services become a lifesaver. Enlisting your child in a daycare gives you some free time to cater to your other needs and, most importantly, it provides numerous benefits to your children.

Daycare makes kids smarter

Studies show that intelligence is influenced by one’s gene makeup, but the environment your children grow in also plays a big role. It is said that your caring strategy for the first two years of the child’s development has a direct effect on the child’s brain and IQ development. If a structured environment that maximizes your child’s learning potential is what you’re looking for in a daycare, Salt Lake City has several that have qualified teachers and strong curricula.

Daycares can help make your kids smarter—and that is backed up by science. In its 9th issue, the Cochrane Library published a study conducted by Brown TW and his colleagues. It reviewed a total of 34,902 scientific studies that investigated the link between childcare children’s intelligence. Out of all the studies reviewed, they generalized that children under five (5) years of age that have experienced center-based daycare have a more improved cognitive ability than those who did not attend daycare.

Your child will have a regular schedule of activities

Daycare services and institutions often follow a day to day schedule of activities for our young ones. These interactive learning sessions are not only fun for your tykes but are developed to nurture a specific area of your child’s development. It may look like play, but these activities trigger the emotional, physical, social and mental development of our children towards their holistic growth and development.

Daycare provides time with kids their age

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The importance of your kids’ social development cannot be underrated. The social and emotional development they gain in the early years has profound effects later in life.

Daycare centers provide an opportunity for children to hang out with other kids their age. This social network is very important. Through this, a child learns how to have a relationship and interact with others, how to take turns, play together and cooperate with one another. It is also the time for kids to learn about trust, how to express themselves, and how to recognize their feelings. This is good training in understanding themselves and their environment.

When this social development is nurtured, our children may gain positive attitudes, academic success, career growth and other good life outcomes.

Your child is less likely to get sick in grade school

Did you know that daycare boosts your children’s immunity? According to research conducted by Thomas M. Ball, MD, MPH, and Anne Wright, PhD involving around 1000 children, children in daycare aged 2-3 years old caught a cold more frequently than children being cared for at home. However, at age 6-11, these children experience fewer colds than those being cared for at home. Dr Thomas noted that the acquired immunity obtained by the child during their daycare years protects them from colds later in life. Also, a study from the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology suggests that children in a daycare center have a lower risk of developing asthma.

Daycare indeed has notable and surprising benefits. Daycare age represents an important stage in a child’s development. Thus, you should choose the best daycare service in your area to give your child the best possible care and to effectively harness their potential.

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