Choosing the Right School: What Matters Most to Parents

Working through the early years of your child comes with its fair share of joys and challenges. You see your child developing through walking, learning a language, and for you being able to communicate with them. Then comes the time when they attain the school-going age, and you have to find a preschool that will be best for them. At this stage, you notice that irrespective of how much you have thought about this, you will find it hard to choose a preschool that would fit your criteria.

But you know your children would have to go to school, and for that, you need to choose one. Most parents would choose accessibility and distance, but there are other reasons you should choose a school. Parents should weigh their options with these other factors:

Qualified Staff

The management, teachers, and support staff play a critical role in ensuring a school’s performance. Talk with teachers, the principal, and even the cleaning staff. Talk with guidance counselors and even other parents. Besides teachers, you should also the staff should handle every issue that parents and their children raise. That should be prompt and in the most professional way possible, which you will enjoy if the school has only had staff with the required qualifications.

Open-learning Environment Facilities

Most preschools will only offer basic learning facilities. But there should be more when. Be keen to find a preschool with adequate indoor play space for children and their teachers. You should check the school menu, the kitchen, and even the toilets and sleeping areas. If the school accepts babies, check if they have a nursery and a feeding area. They should have drop-in points for parents and guardian where they could check their children into school. Since the pandemic, many schools have also chosen to go online, so it is also better if the school has an area that helps children understand online education.

woman studying

Many parents want the best for their children and they want facilities that provide activities and learning opportunities. That leaves the main issues that you must address here to be whether the preschool has qualified staff to professionally handle teaching and non-teaching activities.

The preschool’s environment should also be conducive to double as an education center and play area for preschoolers. You also will want to further narrow down your selection by considering whether the institution’s facilities meet your standards of a standard preschool. And, most importantly, evaluate the health and safety status of the preschool.

Academic Programs

Many schools have academic programs that help special needs students, offer scholarship programs, and also offer gifted programs for students who excel in sports and academics. Consider your child’s talent and skills, and check if the school has a program that could help your child grow or excel in their interest. It’s also good if the school has scholarship programs in place that could offer financial breaks and expand their academic future.

Education is vital, and one of the most important foundations that build character and growth. You might think that your child chooses the school, but in their early years, it’s your choice to make. Review these factors, consider the options, and choose the one that suits your child’s character and offering programs that will provide the help you need for children’s development stages and future academic growth.

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