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What Educational Background Does a Business Owner Need to Succeed?

Most individuals look at entrepreneurship and the business industry as a means of reaching financial freedom. However, a significant amount of time, hard work, and effort are needed to establish a successful and long-lasting business. There are many different ways to achieve the dream of becoming a renowned business owner depending on the kind of business desired. A path that most individuals take is getting a college degree or higher education. Although having a solid educational background is not a requirement to become a business owner, about 56% of start-up business owners have a college degree. In addition, 94% of successful CEOs and business leaders graduated from college.

Is educational attainment important for entrepreneurs and business owners?

Being a business owner does not necessarily require a college degree. Nonetheless, a college education can be a great foundation when starting your own business. Many classes and courses can offer beneficial information about building a business from the ground up properly. Different types of businesses will require various types of degrees. However, it is important to have a basic understanding of marketing, business management, sales, and taxes. The concepts and terminologies in the business industry can be challenging to get used to. That is why it is worthwhile to become generally familiar with the technicalities.

Furthermore, business fields that are generally more technical will be challenging to navigate without prior knowledge or experience. Getting an education can help ease the complications that come with these industries. Although an individual can choose to self-learn and employ extra effort to catch up, learning systematically with the help of more experienced professionals can allow you to reach success faster and more effectively. An affordable and convenient way to gain higher education is by enrolling online. You can find several online master’s degree programs offered by the best universities. In the long run, the traits and skills you gain in higher education, including time management, accountability, and perseverance, can be helpful along the way. Similarly, experiences from internships, apprenticeships, and volunteer work can be a solid base for your business.

Degrees that are valuable for business owners

Master of Business Administration

The most common and relevant degree for entrepreneurs and business owners is a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA). This degree covers a wide range of topics that are extremely helpful for aspiring business owners. Some of these topics are management, administration, finance, marketing, and accounting. Getting an MBA degree can allow you to get a head start in identifying and familiarizing yourself with the best marketing tactics and business models.



Another degree that can be a great help in the future is economics. Economics does not only cover math, but it primarily covers the management of resources, money distribution, exchange, and trading in micro and macro levels of the industry. The complex system of business and economics may be challenging to master without prior education. Therefore, it is helpful to grasp concepts like consumer behavior, trade regulations, and tax laws.


Having accounting knowledge and skills can be advantageous for an aspiring business owner. Advanced accounting skills are required to help a business develop and succeed. The profitability of a business is a major indicator of its success. Through accounting, you will be able to estimate and predict where your business will end up in the future. Dealing with taxes and financial statements will also be difficult without this skill. Although hiring an accountant is an excellent investment to consider once a business grows, it is still helpful to have accounting skills to ensure that financial reports are accurate and well made. This also allows you to understand how the finances in your business flow.

Computer Science

In today’s digital era, excellent technical skills are required to support a thriving and successful business. With this degree, business owners can successfully incorporate the convenience of advanced technology into their business processes and marketing strategies. Knowledge in programming and web development can kickstart your involvement in profitable sectors. In an era where digital marketing is booming, having a background in the technological field can help heighten the success rate of your company.

Overall, many business owners believe that a solid educational background is not required for establishing your own business. Nevertheless, getting a college degree can still be helpful and valuable in mastering the art of entrepreneurship and business. In the long run, it allows you to manage a company effectively and ensure its success. As the business industry involves multiple complex processes and concepts, getting a favorable start in familiarizing these areas can allow you to minimize risks and avoid significant problems in the long run.

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