The Best Types of U.S. Travel Accommodations

With its miles and miles of interconnected highways that pass through breath-taking scenery such as national parks, oceans, and bustling cities, the United States is truly a traveler’s heaven.

Along with the boom in tourism comes economic opportunities such as job vacancies in logistics, transportation, and hospitality sectors. And speaking of the hospitality industry, travelers should note the different travel accommodations that they may choose from as they explore the country’s popular and off-the-beaten-track destinations.

Here are the best types of travel accommodations in the U.S.:


Hotels are easily the travel accommodation of choice for tourists who want first-class travel services. The good thing about the U.S. is that there is no shortage of fine hotels with outstanding amenities and great customer service. From jacuzzi and fine dining to infinity pool and personal concierge, these hotels can offer you creature comforts to make your travel experience memorable. Whether you’re vacationing in Hawaii or exploring the sights and sounds of Las Vegas, there’s surely a hotel that you can book for a night or two.

Roadside Motels

For a fraction of the cost of average hotels, roadside motels are the go-to place for travelers who are on a budget or just need a place to crash for the night. The entire country is littered with probably thousands of such motels that offer decent accommodations and amenities for as little as $100 for twin sharing. The fact that they’re located just beside most tourist routes makes them attractive and ubiquitous, thus forming part of the country’s over-all tourism infrastructure.



Bed-and-breakfast (BNB) accommodation is a cross between a hotel, motel, and Airbnb. It sounds a bit confusing but it’s because some BNBs offer hotel-like architecture and amenities mixed with motel pricing and location plus Airbnb-like personal property feature.

Bed-and-breakfast accommodations are private residences rented out by owners to travelers who need a place to spend a night or a few days. They also serve breakfast meals (hence, the name) and even lunch and dinner to guests as part of their services – something that separates them from Airbnb.

Some BNB hosts also facilitate bookings with local spas for off-site services, thus creating a concierge-like air that only hotels are known to provide.


Airbnb is now the world’s most profitable (valued at $35 billion) and well-known accommodation-sharing website. It facilitates booking between travelers and hosts inside its platform and has a dedicated 24/7 customer service to accommodate questions and concerns.

Airbnb can be considered as the tech-savvy cousin of traditional bed-and-breakfast. With just a few clicks and taps, you can book your desired accommodation without leaving your couch.

The site has a review mechanism that allows future guests to see if the listing is what they need. With over 6 million listings scattered across 190 countries, Airbnb offers the convenience of hotel booking with amenities found in bed-and-breakfast at rates that are competitively-priced like motels.

If you’re a traveler, you can simply refer to these accommodation options to choose one that best suits your needs. But if you own one of these accommodation types, you may consider hiring a staffing company to satisfy your manpower requirements. This way, you won’t have to waste your time looking for the right personnel since the staffing agency will do it for you.

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