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What to Do When Your Driver’s License Gets Suspended?

There are many reasons your driver’s license would get suspended. These reasons can vary per state, but some of the common reasons are DUI (driving under the influence), lapsed car insurance, having too many points on your driving record, and failure to pay child support.

The violation you were charged with determines the length of the suspension. The specific steps you must follow when reinstating your driver’s license also vary depending on the state, but here are the basic steps to follow regardless of the state where you got the suspension:

Step 1: Understand the suspension notice

Carefully read your suspension notice and make sure that you understand it. The notice usually indicates the duration for the suspension of your driver’s license.

Depending on how grave your violation is, the period of suspension may range from just a few months to more than one year. In cases involving negligence of payments (not paying child support for example), the notice you received might say that your driver’s license is suspended until you have paid the dues.

This is also why you must keep your;mailing address updated, since your license would still get suspended whether or not you have received the notice. Make sure that you regularly check your mail too. You would not want to miss such important notices!

Step 2: Take a defensive driving course.

In some states, you may not be required to take a;class on defensive driving. But if the violation that got your license suspended was related to driving, taking a defensive driving course is a great idea. This could also help lower or keep your car insurance rates low. It may take up a bit of your time, but these classes normally do not cost a lot.

Step 3: Purchase an SR22

auto insurance

You may not encounter an;SR22 insurance;before your driver’s license gets suspended. This is fairly easy to add to your policy and the filing is not pricey as well. It merely links your auto insurance to the state and the state will then be notified should you change vehicles or cancel the insurance.

If you do not have car insurance, you might have to get one. There is also an option for;non-owner SR22 filing.

Step 4: Pay the fees

The suspension notice you received should contain the fees you have to pay. To verify how much the fees cost, check the website of your state’s Secretary of State or check with them in person. Take note that each state has its own set of scheduled fees.

Step 5: Wait for the processing

You might still have to wait for the processing after completing all the steps to have your driver’s license reinstated. Depending on the state, the processing of paperwork can last up to 14 days. If you are caught driving before your license is reinstated, you will be charged with further violations that would extend the suspension of your driver’s license.

Having your driver’s license suspended is different from having it revoked. If your driver’s license is revoked, you could never have it reinstated.

The suspension of driver’s license would affect your lifestyle and finances. The things you have to go through to have it reinstated can also be quite cumbersome, so keep this in mind in case you think of doing something that could lead to such consequences.

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