5 Amazing Hacks to Let Kids Have an Active Lifestyle

Health is definitely wealth. If there’s one thing you’d wish your child to have, health should be top of that list. If you look closer at it, it’s non-negotiable. When children are in tiptop shape, their immune system is off the charts. And that’s definitely a distinct advantage. That’s in light of the advance of a more sinister Delta variant which has infected a host of American children lately.

Unfortunately many American children today have developed bad lifestyle habits. Although digital adoption has become a savior for millions of these kids during the pandemic, many children have developed nasty gaming habits becoming couch potatoes in the process. In short, they’re addicted to a long list of online games.

By itself, being sedentary can lead to a host of health complications. For one, your child can get fat easily attracting life-threatening diseases as a result.

Indeed, an active lifestyle would benefit anyone, your child the most. Not only will it help him become fit but also being active can be a timely ally to battle mental health issues brought on by the pandemic.

The good news is getting your child to devote less time on the couch and more time exercising is a doable target. Worry not, however. If you’re an exercise buff yourself, your child can easily take a cue from you and get on with it. Listed below are five ways proven and tested to help you achieve the desired health goal for your precious one.

Make a Checklist Calendar, But with Rewards

One way to make kids do things they dislike is by enticing them. Rewards are hard-wired to our brain to make us move. You can integrate this concept into your children’s exercise plan by printing a calendar of the month. Then, you can hang it in your refrigerator or anywhere visible to them.

The simple mechanics here is that every time they opt to play outside instead of being a couch potato, he/she gets a star for that corresponding day. And at the end of the week, such stars can be treated for treats. But make sure you accomplish that treat, or they may end up thinking you’re just pulling their leg.

Older children are no excuse. However, just vary the rewards to motivate them. A good example is monetary (include earning extra dollars) or buying them little things (e.g., wireless mouse).

Let Them Take Part in a Team Sport

A fantastic way to enable your child to be excited about exercising is by signing them up for a team sport. That’s double the fun. Even better, he meets like-minded individuals to encourage him to be active.

To do that, ask your child’s school if they ever have sports programs that your child could join. But if they don’t have any, go to your local government. More often than not, they have sports leagues (e.g., baseball, basketball) in which your child could participate.

By doing this, you’re hitting two birds with one stone. Not only will they increase their physical activity, but they’ll also learn social skills necessary for building relationships.

Fun Movements Also Means Exercise


Exercising doesn’t necessarily mean a task written on your to-do list. Especially for children, there’s a lot of physical activities that are included in the “fun” bucket.

Your child’s activities like dancing, skiing, jumping on a trampoline, or even riding a bike, are all forms of exercising since they involve active physical movements. As a bonus, you can join them while playing. You’re not only making them physically active, but you also cultivate time for family bonding.

Rewire their Competitiveness into Family Challenges

With a simple contest such as a race around the track, your child will surely radiate their competitive spirit. And what does it mean to you as their parents? Well, you’ll see them physically active, while at the same time develop their inner “champion” characteristics.

There’s a lot of fun competitions to consider. An obstacle course in your backyard is a good example. Whoever finishes the track first will win a prize. You may even have the whole family chime in. Be creative. Think of fun activities disguised as a platform to be physically active.

Be a Positive Example

One way children learn is by observing adults. You may not notice them, but they take their cue from you.

For instance, when your child knows that you’re a regular gym member then he’s more likely to emulate your passion for being active. Chances are, he’d sign up when he’s grown up.

Indeed gyms promote an active lifestyle. By providing a more complete way to tone and strengthen your muscles, gyms are a treasure trove. Even better, personal training gyms can give you needed guidance to achieve your personal wellness goals in a jiffy. Qualified instructors not only show you how to do routines right but also encourage you to push yourself to the limit.

By having them around when you workout, or include your child during your exercise routine, they’ll get a clue. Alternatively, you can share social media pictures of you working out in the gym.

You really can’t downplay the importance of being active for your kids these days. But you certainly play your part, by being a good example for your kids in your every day.

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