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Shaping Minds: How Youth Creativity Can Be Honed

Creativity education is not as highly-regarded as science, math, and technology education. While this is the case, honing a child’s creativity is just as important as sharpening their STEM skills.

During this quarantine period, opportunities may be limited when going out for a field trip to art galleries and museums. Still, creativity does not reside in visual art alone. In fact, creativity is found in many fields of interest, including music, dance, and theater.

Educational institutions nowadays should emphasize creativity education as much as they emphasize STEM subjects. Honing a child’s creativity has many advantages that can benefit their school work, career choices, and how they solve problems in the future.

Benefits of Creativity Education

While creativity is often regarded as part of the visual arts department, it is likewise applicable to other fields. The many benefits of creativity entail that educational institutions should provide well-planned creativity courses for students to explore the benefits of creative skills.

Take a look at the benefits of creativity education.

Creativity education may come in a variety of forms — from visual arts to music. Percussion lessons can enhance learning and memory by using music as a source of creativity.

Providing students with outlets for creativity allows them to explore and express their feelings and emotions. This healthy way of processing their emotions produces happier individuals who are freer in living their respective lives. Creativity helps students in their emotional development.

Creativity exercises can also be used as a way to sharpen students’ communication skills. By providing projects and activities that allow them to have shared experiences, they can connect with peers they otherwise would not have socialized.

Being highly creative will also benefit a student in their future pursuits. Job opportunities nowadays prefer a candidate who knows how to think outside the box instead of someone with a specific skill set. Learning how to be creative will easily place the candidate ahead of the competition.

Creativity education has many advantages that will benefit the students during their years at school and beyond the classroom walls. Learning how to be creative has many benefits that last until their future career pursuits. Educational institutions should be aware of the importance of honing students’ creativity in guiding them towards success.

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Art Therapy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

These days have been difficult to manage and cope with for all of us, especially the young ones. The fast-paced transition from the usual everyday life to the “new normal” has been a draining experience. Students have been adjusting to the virtual classroom setup and the experience of not being able to spend time with peers.

Art therapy is a helpful method of coping with difficult and stressful situations. The anxiety, depression, and potential trauma felt during this time might be alleviated by simple creative activities.

As educators, or even as parents teaching from home, how can you engage young kids in creative pursuits during this quarantine period?

There are many ways to engage young students in art therapy to help them cope with the situation. Allow them to explore and express their feelings through the process. This will provide the students a healthy outlet to analyze their thoughts and emotions.

Being creative doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, you can practice creativity by using only resources that are available at home. Let the students explore their creativity by figuring out what they can do with regular household items.

By tapping into their creativity, the students will be able to access the flow state. Whatever creative activity they are engaged in, being in the flow state allows them to have optimal attention where they are completely focused on the task at hand. This state stimulates the mind and allows individuals to embrace the experience of mindfulness.

Engaging in creative projects during these uncertain times provides us a safe and healthy outlet to reposition ourselves in the current situation. Creative activities allow us to process our feelings and emotions so that we can act on them with great awareness and responsibility.

Creativity education is an essential aspect of student learning. Nowadays, engaging in creative projects allows young individuals to process the current situation healthily. This will prevent symptoms of anxiety, depression, and isolation by giving them an outlet to let out their thoughts.

Educational institutions should place more importance on creativity education. Doing so can equip students with ideas on creatively deal with various problems and situations that they may face in the future. They don’t have to fear facing challenges when they grow up.

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