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Becoming a Handyman: What Is It Like to Work as One?

A handyman is a word with a much broader meaning than you thought. This person can take care of washing, painting, repairs, and more. Sometimes, you will find a handyman performing the jobs of a contractor. They can also do hazardous tasks. You will find a handyman performing electrical, plumbing, painting, and system maintenance tasks.

Many have formed their own small business and are working with a team. You can also call a handyman the jack of all trades. You will read about some certifications you need to do and the jobs that a handyman performs. Apart from interest, you need to continuously educate yourself and have the right skills to become one.

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Prerequisites to Becoming a Handyman

If you want to become a handyman, you must undergo extensive training. There is no specific degree or diploma, but an inherent interest can help you become one. However, many in this field choose to do a course. It helps with the maintenance aspects, as ones involving dry wall. Some even go for a business degree, as it enables you to run a small business of your own. Some states require that you get a certification for certain kinds of repairs. Most of the training happens on the job.

If you work under any company, it will be easy as the company will give you proper training. Another way to gain on-field training is through apprenticeship. Now, many choose to take contractor continuing education programs online. The field requires some technical capabilities, so enrolling in the same will boost your prospects. Online training helps you continue with your job while getting some additional certifications.

Some also require a high school diploma, apart from general competitiveness in English, industrial math, and computers. The more internet-savvy you are, the better it is for you in this field. Certification in this field is voluntary. If you get the required qualifications, you can perform any job related to a handyman or contractor.

Skills Required to Be a Handyman

Apart from the required degrees, diplomas, and certifications, you have to ensure the right skills to make it a successful career.

  • Technical skills are essential for a handyman. Whether replacing a toilet to repairing a washing machine, you need to know how to accomplish the task.
  • Analytical skills are also essential when it comes to being a handyman. You might have to identify the root cause of the problem when all else fails. You just cannot open up all the nuts and bolts without knowing what you are up to.
  • Multi-tasking capabilities are also of prime importance. You might be required to handle multiple projects on any single day. Even if you work under a company, you must perform three-four tasks in a day. Therefore, you need to prioritize and plan your daily work smartly.
  • Communication skills are something that you need in any profession whatsoever. You have to interact with managers and customers from various walks of life, so you have to behave in a manner conducive to all.
  • Business skills are also another vital talent that you need. If you are self-employed or work with a small team, you cannot do without this. Additionally, you need to price your services competitively. Marketing is also essential as there will be others who are also vying for the same customers.

Roles a Handyman Performs

  • Painting is one of the first things you can learn to take up. No one can paint their entire house alone, so a handyman is a way to go. Therefore, you have leverage over others if you have the requisite skills to suggest colors and textures for various walls.
  • Electrical work is also another area that a handyman caters to. Since it is a risky affair, only a few can perform electrical jobs independently. An expert handyman also has the best tools to give exemplary service. Moreover, you can complete the task at a cheaper rate than what an electrician may ask for.
  • Gutter cleaning services are also required. Most homeowners will not dare climb up the pipelines to clear various gutters. Most of you would already have the necessary experience to clean the gutters and repair the pipes alongside.

There are various other off jobs that a handyman performs. These jobs include repairs, maintenance, and small installation jobs. Most people hire a handyman to get such tasks done with less expense, so you may have endless opportunities in this field. You can also take up whole projects as contractors and recruit specialized workers to shape various tasks.

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