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Prepare Your Children for their First Summer Camp Experience

You may have had your fair share of summer camps during your teenage years, and you know how important they are in teaching children lifelong skills and building lasting friendships. However, not all children may warm up to the idea pretty quickly. Some of them may be hesitant, especially if they have trouble fitting in at school.

No matter how fun you think summer camps are, you don’t want to send your child to one without preparing them. With a few months to spare, it’s time for you to do the following:

Consider All Summer Camp Options

There are plenty of summer camp options in Kearns and other parts of Utah. Choose one that focuses on arts, music, swimming, hiking, or other activities your child prefers. There may also be camps providing a combination of activities, making the experience more unforgettable for an outgoing child.

Gather as many options as you can and go through them with your child. If they get to choose the camp they’ll go to, they might be more enthusiastic about going. You may also go with them to the campgrounds, if possible, to visualize the activities that will happen.

Send Them to Sleepovers

It may be hard for parents to let go of their children for sleepovers, as you don’t know the rules in place in their friend’s house. You’re not preparing them for camp, especially overnight summer camps, if they can’t even survive a sleepover with friends. By letting them go to one, you’re preparing them to adapt to their surroundings and giving them a chance to experience how it feels to sleep somewhere other than their own bed.

A sleepover will not be the same as going camping, but it’s a good enough training ground for them. You can also let your child host the sleepover in your house, so they get their turn in being with their peers, but this time in more familiar territory.

roasting marshmallows on the campfireTalk to Friends About Sending Children to the Same Camp

Their arrival at the camp may be the most difficult part. They don’t know anyone, and they have to introduce themselves to each one. It will feel less daunting if they have at least one other person they already know.

As one of the goals of camp is building lifelong friendships, it makes sense for you and your friends to send your children to the same camp. Everyone benefits from this in the long run, as you and your friends may be able to schedule dinners together without worrying about your children getting along.

Send Siblings Together

You want to strengthen the relationship between siblings, so why not send them to the same camp if they’re close enough in age? This gives them someone they can trust in an unfamiliar surrounding. It also helps you feel assured about them going to camp, as you know they will look out for each other.

If children are not getting along at home, sit them down and remind them to take care of each other while they’re away on camp. You’ll notice the difference in their relationship when they return.

You want your children to experience all the good things you did when you were their age. Before sending them to summer camp, however, prepare them for the experience.

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