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Ways to Improve Your Child’s Reading Comprehension

If your child has trouble reading, you are probably afraid that it might affect their performance negatively. Your concerns are legitimate mainly because most subjects in school require proper reading skills. Reading comprehension refers to the capability of reading sentences and understanding their meaning. It is the ability to process words and the ideas behind them.

Poor reading techniques and comprehension can be frustrating, thus resulting in low self-esteem and poor grades. Thankfully, there is a lot that a parent can do to help improve their kids’ reading comprehension. You can also enrol them in a phonics class in Singapore. With the right techniques, understanding is something that can be enhanced over time. Learning how to read effectively will build learning skills significantly.

Look for books that they enjoy reading

At times, low reading comprehension results from the idea that a student is merely disinterested in what he or she is reading. Most students admit that they would learn more if only they were presented with the content they enjoy. The secret to enhancing comprehension and reading ability is practice. Since your main aim is to help your child read more, find books with content that they like.

Make connections

Understanding something is easier when you can relate it to a familiar life experience than when you cannot. Connecting what is in the book to an incident will help enhance your kid’s comprehension considerably. Show your little one how to make connections by sharing your links as you read aloud. If the book talks about a place you have been to, remind your child about the memories you made while on vacation. The idea is to help them visualise the concept for enhanced understanding. Explain the importance of creating a connection to your little one.

Read Aloud

Father doing schoolwork with daughterWhen children hear words, they get a better understanding of the content as opposed to reading silently. Therefore, if you want to enhance their comprehension, consider reading the words aloud. You can also encourage them to read aloud for you. Along the way, you will know when they are struggling with understanding a particular section and then guide them through it.

Look for words that you need to explain

Whenever your child is reading a book, skim through the text and look for words that might require clarification. Once you spot the words, find a creative way of explaining them and only stop when you are sure that they have understood it. Consider getting pictures that are related to the story to make it interesting and to enhance comprehension.

Discuss what you read

When your little one has finished reading, talk about the ideas in the text. Ask them what they just read and try to figure out his or her thoughts. For lengthy reading materials, like book reports and novels, discuss questions that you can talk about after the reading session.

Improving your child’s reading skills is a good way of preparing them for school and work life. You can try these ideas every day at home. In case you feel that you are not making progress, consider hiring a reading expert to tutor them.

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