Why Take a French Class in Singapore

If you are wondering what a school day looks like at the International French School in Singapore, this video will give you a sneak peek. However, you don’t have to attend a French school to reap the benefits of taking a French class in Singapore. Here are a few reasons to consider learning French.

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French is the second most spoken language in Europe, second to English. It’s the fifth most spoken language worldwide. It’s also the second most popular foreign language in Singapore, and it’s considered the language of diplomacy.

One reason to take a French class in Singapore is that it can provide more job opportunities. Many employers look for candidates who can speak French. Knowing the language can allow you to find new and exciting career options.

French is a very expressive language. Learning to speak French can also boost your communication skills. You’ll increase your cultural understanding when learning French as well.

Surprisingly, French is expected to be the most common spoken language by 2050. Forbes calls French, “the language of the future”. This is particularly important for young people who will eventually enter a world where French is very common.

French is currently considered a “scarce skill”, which makes learning to speak it even more valuable. It’s also been shown to improve critical thinking and writing skills. In short, taking a French class in Singapore can boost your intelligence.

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